blind fields


In 2012, Danijel Šivinjski, artist, researcher and founder of blind fields, started performing blindfolded experiments in order to take the experience of his body-mind-spirit and art to the next level. The first actual impulse was a sudden challenging curiosity for creating something visual in the absence of visual stimuli. After performing experiments inside his flat, he went out to the streets with assistance to explore a wider environment through blindfolded photography and drawing. He did such expeditions in different cities and countries, had blindfolded dinners, connected with blind persons, ophthalmologists and different associations of the blind and visually impaired and in general did everything he could to get closer and deeper into the topic.

During 2016, urban environments have been changed with natural and the group has grown into an international team. Through collaborations with other artists and blind persons, the group is conducting researches in nature, as well as creating art pieces inspired by the world of the blind and focused on the creative inclusion. Selected works and discoveries have been presented at the first exhibition in Gallery Rigo.

CONTACT: contact @blindfields .com

blind fields artists and researchers are: Danijel Šivinjski, Andrea Petrović, Harshavardhan Sreedhar, Andrea Krunić, Šejla Mujdanović, Christopher Paul Gill, Slavoljub Epifanić, Ágnes Györe and Edina Miskei.

Special thanks to Zoran Nikolić, Ágnes Györe, Ivana Branković, Jelena Pajić, Tamara Čubrilo, Brankica Ristić, Kristijan Aranjos, Đorđe Popović, Biljana Šivinjski, Jerica Ziherl, Studentski kulturni centar Novi Sad, Zita Györe, Harshavardhan Sreedhar, Vanja Žikić, Dejan Ćirić, Umjetnička škola Poreč, Gordan Jarić, Mitar Šivinjski, City of Novigrad, Istrian Region – Administrative Department for Culture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Muzej-Museo Lapidarium, Mirjana Benjak, Majda Jurić, Sabina Oroshi and Ivan Blašković.