blind fields


“blind fields”

Danijel Šivinjski, Christopher Paul Gill, Andrea Petrović, Slavoljub Epifanić, Andrea Krunić, Šejla Mujdanović, Ágnes Györe
6 / 7 — 29 / 7 / 2016
Galerija / Gallery Rigo

To meet the unusual, noneveryday, challenging and – at first sight – nonconforming, often mystical and indescribable influences which are exerted over existence, is an experience that incites one towards transformation and deepening. An international group comprised of seven artists, including two blind persons, has surrendered to the unpredictability of free experimental expression. Through devoted and meditative dwelling in the natural ambient, their individual sensory and extra-sensory experiences surfaced and got translated into a dimension of shared reality. This exhibition represents a series of works inspired by the world of visually impaired persons, focusing on the processes of exploration, getting familiar, learning and creating through a deeper inner approach.

Danijel Šivinjski